300W ATX Power Supplies

300W ATX Power Supplies

Our computer systems are quickly becoming more and more important to the way we live our daily lives.  They are replacing so many things and even at their most basic can help us improve day to day productivity very quickly.  But how do they work?  When you break it down, computer systems are fairly simple.  There are numerous different parts inside a computer system that makes it work, all performing different functions.  The motherboard, for example, connects all the parts of the computer together and facilitates the exchange of data between them.  Another example is the central processing unit – the brain of the computer, processing all the tasks that the computer performs.  These are just two examples of the many different parts inside the computer – each with its own unique power requirements.  It is the computer power supply unit that performs this function.

What are 300w ATX Power Supplies?

In short, 300W ATX power supplies provide power to the computer system – taking the mains power and splitting it up wherever it needs to go to in whatever voltages it is required to. It actually sounds far more complicated than it is. The basis of the power supply’s role is to ensure the power being distributed throughout the computer is clean and stable at the voltages each component needs as well as turn the 230V mains supply and turning it into the numerous different voltages required throughout the computer system – each of which needs to be very stable and consistent to prevent wear and tear on the computer system components. 300W ATX power supplies are the most commonly used power supply available on the market.

Where to Purchase 300w ATX Power Supplies

  • Stuff-UK is an online retailer that only sells high quality computer components but tries to compete on price with the lower quality units. They have a number of different 300W ATX Power supplies available.
  • Computers 4U has a store in Wigan, Greater Manchester and sells a huge range of computer components which include 300W ATX power supplies.

Estimated Costs of 300w ATX Power Supplies

Luckily, the 300W ATX power supplies are very common units and therefore are generally the cheapest and more widely available units. The really cheap and budget p300W ATX power supplies can sell for as little as £9 but the only reason you’d want to buy something like this is if it were for the absolute basic system. For the more stable and reliable units, expect to pay from about £15 up to and a bit over £30. The ones at the higher end of that range are almost always a better option for most people.

The problem with basic computer power supply units is that they tend to be very cheaply made and that means can cause problems in the long run with component reliability. When you select a power supply, be sure it is of a high enough quality that it can provide the precise power requirements that your computer’s components need. 300W ATX power supplies must be selected most carefully of all as they are very susceptible to being one of the more cheaply made of all power supply units.