Universal ATX Power Supplies

Universal ATX Power Supplies

ATX Power Supplies are used to supply electrical power systems such as personal computers.  Once a computer is plugged into a power socket, the ATX power supply will pull electricity out and convert this AC current to DC current.  It will then regulate the voltage to reduce the occurrence of surges and spikes that are common in electrical systems.  Different power supplies are able to generate different numbers of Watts.

What are Universal ATX Power Supplies?

A universal ATX power supply is a power supply that fits on the full range of AC inputs. This is particularly useful if you are based in the United Kingdom, for example, but purchase your universal ATX power supply from the United States, where the standard voltage and currents are different. Most ATX power supplies will have a switch on the back, meaning you can chose either 115 volts or 230 volts by flipping the switch to the appropriate voltage. A universal ATX power supply has a full range active power correction function, meaning it can take any input voltage you choose to plug into the power supply, without the need for you to flip a switch to the correct voltage.

Where to Purchase Universal ATX Power Supplies

Universal ATX power supplies can be purchased from many electrical stores, both online and on the high street. Some stores to think about, for example, are:

  • Currys
  • PC World
  • Maplin Electronics
  • Farnell
  • Jane’s Tote
  • Scan Computers
  • Okobe UK
  • J Mart Digital
  • Price Lover
  • UK Computer Parts
  • Zoodex
  • Aire Tech IT
  • CCL Computers
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Osoo
  • Overstock
  • Adsish
  • Swan Products

Estimated Cost of Universal ATX Power Supplies

The prices of universal ATX power supplies vary depending on the wattage and the number of inputs and outputs you require. This is why it is important to know exactly what you need and what you want to achieve, particularly if you are trying to build your own gaming system or personal computer, rather than just trying to replace a part of your existing machine. An OCZ ZX series 850W Power Supply, for example, will cost around £140. An Antec EarthWatts EA430D Green Power Supply will cost approximately £50. The price of a universal ATX power supply will go up in correlation with the wattage.

So, if you are looking at purchasing Universal APX power supplies, start by working out what wattage you need. Remember that the higher the wattage, the higher the price of your universal APX power supply will be. Power supplies can be purchased online, but if you are not the greatest whiz kid ever, it can be advisable to go to a high street store that specialises in electrical equipment instead, so you can receive some really good advice on what sort of universal APX power supply best suits your needs as well as your budget, of course. Luckily, there are plenty of stores both online and in towns or retail centres for you to choose from.