Silent ATX Power Supplies

Silent ATX Power Supplies

Almost everyone in the civilized world uses a computer on a daily basis.  Because of the incredible connectivity offered by these incredible machines, whether it’s for high pressure stock trading or a video call to your children or relatives overseas, often homes will have more than one computer.  We’re becoming more and more reliant on these computer systems for a number of different things.  Even minor household electronics have some form of computer in them – from the washing machine to the refrigerator.  But it’s the desktop computer that needs the most attention put into what parts we use to build it.  If it’s in a part of the house that is sensitive to noise, like the lounge or bedroom, we want to choose parts that are quiet, and one of the many silent ATX power supplies are one of those parts that can influence the noise a computer makes.

What are Silent ATX Power Supplies?

Silent ATX power supplies function identically to those with fans, just silently.  They are responsible for the distribution of power throughout the system to each of the different components, all of which have very different power requirements.  They are cooled by the use of elaborate heat sinks in place of air-cooling fans which makes the power supply silent in operation.  These are usually used in conjunction with silent central processing unit coolers and graphics card coolers to make an entirely silent computer system which means silent ATX power supplies are perfectly suited for use in a home theatre environment.

Where to Purchase Silent ATX Power Supplies

  • Advance Technologies are an online computer retail shop that sell a huge range of computer components including Silent ATX Power Supplies and offer delivery anywhere in Great Britain.
  • Redstore is a company in Harrow, Middlesex and supplies a range of high quality units for your next computer build or Silent ATX Power Supplies replacement.
  • Box Technology is a fully online store with an easy to use website that offers a host of power supply options for delivery across Great Britain.

Estimated Costs of Silent ATX Power Supplies

There isn’t really any entry level ATX silent power supplies on the market as they are quite a niche market that not many budget shoppers look for.  Pricing starts at around £55 for an Antec true silent 500W power supply unit and range well up and over the £150 mark for the larger varieties like the Thermaltake 800W or the Coolermaster 650W.

When you want a truly silent computer for your home, you’re buying computer components that don’t have the traditional way of cooling them.  You need to make sure that the components you’re buying are going to have enough cooling to adequately cool your system.  They must provide enough cooling based on the components you have in your system – if you have a high end system with powerful parts, your cooling needs to be just as powerful to keep it cool.  The same is true for silent ATX power supplies.