Flex ATX Power Supplies

Flex ATX Power Supplies

Our computers are often one of the most used things in the house.  We use them daily for any number of things.  There are many computer manufacturers competing in the market today.  Some of them include the likes of Dell, HP, Gateway and Acer amongst many others.  The envelope for smaller, faster and sleeker looking systems is being pushed daily, and these systems are becoming just that – small powerhouses capable of delivering HD movies, games, massive spread sheets and just about anything you can possibly think of in the blink of an eye.

Of course these newer, smaller designs mean that some things inside the computer system need to be designed to fit into these chassis, and often one of the things that take the design change is the power supply, simply because the tradition box design doesn’t lend well to the slim, attractive cases these manufacturers are creating. Flex ATX power supplies are the result of these design changes.

What are Flex ATX Power Supplies?

The flex ATX power supplies operate in very much the same if not in identically the same way as a standard ATX power supply unit. They take the power supplied from the mains and distribute it with the correct voltages to all the components inside the computer system. Each component has a specific power requirement, from one or two different voltages, like what is needed to power a hard disk drive or optical drive to up to twenty or more different voltages, like what is needed for a motherboard.

Where to Purchase Flex ATX Power Supplies

  • Kikatek supply various different flex ATX power supplies from their Berkshire showroom in Slough.
  • ADSL 24 are an internet service provider but they have a small online shop that has a number of different flax ATX power supplies for sale and delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom.
  • We Are Electricals offer a range of computer components for home and business users that include flex ATX power supplies. They have a store in Broad Street, Birmingham.

Estimated Costs of Flex ATX Power Supplies

If you’re looking to buy any one of the four different types of flex ATX power supplies, be aware that these units are slightly more expensive than the standard power supplies and there is no real offer of performance options here. These are standard power supplies for business and home computer systems. Expect to pay from about £25 upwards, with a lot of the good quality flex ATX power supplies going for between the £40 and £50 mark.

Multinational manufacturers like HP, Dell, Gateway and Acer are very good at selecting components of a high quality, and their flex ATX power supplies are no different. On the rare occasions that they do develop a fault, you need to make sure that you replace them with a power supply of similarly high quality. Flex ATX power supplies aren’t nearly as common as their standard ATX counterparts but luckily as a whole most of them that are available are of fairly good quality.