Ultra ATX Power Supplies

Ultra ATX Power Supplies

When we talk performance computing, we often talk of large power-hungry components that require more power than the average desktop computer.  If you’re looking to buy one of the many ultra ATX power supplies that can be found on the market today, it’s important to remember a few things.  The most important thing to remember is the sensitivity of these components.  Some of the parts in your computer have millions and millions of transistors and are literally microscopic in size – for example the brain of the computer, the central processing unit, is roughly half an inch square in size, and can contain more than 40 million transistors.  When we’re talking about something so absolutely precise, its power requirements are just as precise.  That’s why your choice of which of the ultra ATX power supplies you buy for your computer is very important.

What are Ultra ATX Power Supplies?

Ultra ATX Power Supplies are the cream of the crop when it comes to power supply units. They are designed with serious performance in mind and as such, they can be quite pricey. When you’re building a computer that needs the performance, it is important that you realise the costs involved. Ultra ATX power supplies need to power more components and provide more power to the normal components. The power supply has a basic function to power each and every one of the components inside the computer with the specific power that it requires. For example, your computer’s DVD drive needs both a 5V and a 12V supply to function correctly, so the power supply will provide it by taking the mains power and distributing it as needed.

Where to Purchase Ultra ATX Power Supplies

  • Ballicom International is a computer component supplier in Coventry where you can purchase ultra ATX power supplies. They will also deliver your order if you need them to.
  • Overclock Computers is a company specialising in high tech computer components like ultra ATX power supplies. They have an online store that is well priced and easy to use.

Estimated Costs of Ultra ATX Power Supplies

It is recommended that you never spend less than about £40 on ultra ATX power supplies. They require the ability to produce a lot more amperage from them and therefore can be quite a lot more expensive than the average power supply. The big names in performance computers like Thermaltake and Corsair both offer power supplies for around the £100 mark that are great for a starting point if you need serious power.

If you’re building a serious computer system for gaming or production, you need a serious power supply. Skimping on the cost of this component might mean you have a more money to buy a little bit more RAM or a slightly bigger hard drive, but it might be a decision you regret later. Ultra ATX power supplies, if bought cheaply, can be very harmful to your computer system if they don’t provide constant, steady and clean power to your components – especially if they are high performance parts.