1 u ATX Power Supply

1 u ATX Power Supply

It is becoming more and more necessary to have more and more computer systems and servers in your office and business as we become more and more reliant on them.  Often these computer systems become bulky and difficult to find a place for and so having a cabinet where they can be stacked neatly and easily becomes quite important.  With this method of storing these computer systems and servers, a quest to create smaller and thinner chassis for them is only a natural progression.  These days, computer systems for this rack mount method reach as little as 2 inches tall.  This is known as a 1 u server system.  A 1 u ATX power supply is needed to make sure everything fits into that small space.  Along with this, you need to make sure the 1 u ATX power supply is of a good quality especially because of the critical nature of these server computer systems.

What is a 1 u ATX Power Supply?

Because each computer component does very different jobs there are several different power requirements – 3.3 V, 5 V and 12 V and some other minor voltages. This power needs to be incredibly clean and stable and because of this, a high quality 1 u ATX power supply should be used to ensure all these different voltages reach each individual component in the computer system with the smallest amount of voltage fluctuation. It is the power supply’s responsibility to make sure of this and to ensure that no part of the computer is damaged from receiving bad power.

Where to Purchase a 1 u ATX Power Supply

  • Euroland Computers Ltd have a computer shop in Stanmore, Middlesex and they also offer online and telephone sales on a wide range of computer components, including a handful of 1 u ATX power supply options.
  • The PC Lounge is situated in Derby, Derbyshire and supplies a few different brands and models of 1 u ATX power supply units.

Estimated Costs of a 1 u ATX Power Supply

When buying a 1 u ATX power supply, you need to carefully consider how much you’re going to spend on it. Trying to get away with a bargain to save a few pounds might mean your server will suffer downtime or even hardware damage, so it is always advised that you spend a bit more on a 1 u ATX power supply. An FSP 220W model sells for around £40 and a SuperMicro 200W for around £50. You don’t want to spend any less than this on a 1 u ATX power supply.

Because of the need for server computer systems to be available every minute of the day and the critical nature of their operation, buying any component should be assessed for quality without even considering the price. Inferior power supply units are the number one cause of computer systems failing after just a year or two instead of lasting as they should for a number of years. When buying a 1 u ATX power supply, bear all of this in mind and decide how much of your budget should be spent on this component.