Computer ATX Power Supplies

Computer ATX Power Supplies

These days, our lives often revolve around computers without us ever realising it.  Almost everything around the home has some form of a computer built into it – from the microwave to the television set.  Even the cars we drive have started to become more and more reliant on computer control to give us the features and functions we want.  Our home or office desktop computer is no different – we rely on it all day to give us the productivity that’s expected of us in today’s nanosecond world.  

They’re complex devices with exact and precise requirements, especially when it comes to power. Each part of the computer works on a different power requirement and computer ATX power supplies give those parts what they need. It’s not just providing enough power that’s important – computer ATX power supplies must also provide these components with clean and stable power to make sure they last.

What are Computer ATX Power Supplies?

Computer ATX power supplies have one of the most important jobs inside a computer system. Power enters the computer system through the power supply from the mains outlet. The power supply first cleans and checks this power for consistency before scaling it down to whatever voltage requirements the different computer components inside your computer need. For example, the power supply will output both a 5V and a 12V supply to the computer’s hard disk drive as that’s what is needed to properly power this device. In short, everything that needs power inside a computer system, gets it from the computer ATX power supplies.

Where to Purchase Computer ATX Power Supplies

  • ILGS I love Going Shopping is a budget computer component sales company that have a number of different computer ATX power supplies for sale from their showroom in Chessington, Surrey.
  • CBC Computers offer a wide range of computer ATX power supplies at reasonable prices both for online purchase and in store purchase. They are situated in Redwood House, Sheffield.

Estimated Costs of Computer ATX Power Supplies

Computer ATX power supplies come in so many different shapes and sizes it can be difficult to decide which one to get. Once you know your approximate computer’s power usage, you can select a wattage (from 300W up to 1200W and above) and brand. You can get a basic entry level 300W power supply for around £15 but unless you’re on a serious budget you don’t want to spend less than around £40 to buy one.

Because of the huge variety and strength of power supply units for your computer systems, it can sometimes be like navigating a minefield to choose the right one. The most important thing to remember is to be realistic about what sort of computer you can afford with your budget. You don’t want to buy an Audi and put sparkplugs from a Robin Reliant into it – computer ATX power supplies provide power to every single component in your computer and as such, a reliable one is essential when you’re replacing your old one or building a new computer.