Micro ATX Power Supplies

Micro ATX Power Supplies

If, like many of us these days, you rely on your desktop computer for a host of different things, whether it is work, home office or just entertainment, you’ll want to make sure you have the highest quality components to ensure you’re expensive purchase has the longest lifespan possible.  Micro ATX power supplies take the mains power coming from the wall socket and splits it up, then distributes it to all the parts in the computer based on their individual needs.

If the power supply is cheap or of inferior quality, it can mean the power being supplied to it is not as accurate as it needs to be and can contribute towards early and quick component wear and tear which means those expensive computer components you’re buying will need replacing in no time – the choice of which of the many micro ATX power supplies you opt to install is as important, if not more so than the rest of the computer.

What are Micro ATX Power Supplies?

Micro ATX power supplies perform one simple job. They take the power given to them from the mains socket and distribute it throughout the computer system to each component based on that specific component’s needs. Attached to micro ATX power supplies there are a host of different wires, each meant for a specific part of the system and carrying a specific voltage. The Molex plug, for connecting to hard drives and optical drives has a red 5V wire, a yellow 12V wire and two black ground wires. Similarly there are specific plugs with specific combinations of voltages to each part. The motherboard, the most complex of all the computer components gets a 24-wire connector from the power supply to it.

Where to Purchase Micro ATX Power Supplies

  • CCL Computers have a large selection of micro ATX power supplies for sale to suit anyone’s budget. They are located in Tong, Bradford but will also ship to you if you need them to.
  • Buy Computers specialise in computers and electronics and as such offer a huge range of micro ATX power supplies at very good prices. They are centrally located in the London area.

Estimated Costs of Micro ATX Power Supplies

Micro ATX power supplies are very similar in price to their standard sizes counterparts. For a basic 300W power supply you can expect to pay around £15 to £20 but micro ATX power supplies at this price are generally of quite inferior quality. It is recommended you never pay less than around £30 for a computer power supply.

One of the single most common reasons computer systems fail or components develop faults is due to bad power being supplied to them. These components are incredibly sensitive for any fluctuations in voltage being sent to them and the cheaper power supplies tend to not provide the stable, clean power that your computer components need to continue to function for a long time. Micro ATX power supplies are one of the most important parts of the computer and one that enough of your budget should be allocated to buying to ensure you get one that will adequately do this.