Mini ATX Power Supplies

Mini ATX Power Supplies

Because the parts inside the computer are so complex and sensitive to all sorts of outside influences, especially power, the choice of mini ATX power supplies we look at before we decide which one to buy might seem like navigating a minefield.  It needn’t be such a difficult decision however.  Each of the several different components inside the computer all help the computer operate by performing very different functions, but for your computer to work, they all need to be there.  Using one of the cheap or inferior mini ATX power supplies on the market can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on these components.  The purchase and use of a high quality power supply can mean that your expensive computer lasts longer and performs better.

What are Mini ATX Power Supplies?

Mini ATX power supplies perform various functions for the computer systems they are installed into. The most important role is to distribute power to each of the components inside the computer. Computer components have very specific power requirements – for example a high end graphics card needs two 12V power sources, and the power supply will supply that to the graphics card. To put it simply, mini ATX power supplies are responsible for ensuring that each component inside the computer system is powered with clean and stable power as per its requirements. This is why having a good quality power supply is so very important.

Where to Purchase Mini ATX Power Supplies

  • Aria PC Technology supply many different mini ATX power supplies through both their online shop and from their branch in Pottery Lane, Manchester.
  • LambdaTek Component Shop is a specialist computer component retail company that provides these and many other units from their store in Oxford.
  • Digital Fusion is an online store that offers delivery to anywhere in the United Kingdom. If you live in the Manchester area they also support collections from their offices.

Estimated Costs of Mini ATX Power Supplies

Costs of the mini ATX power supplies are directly proportional to quality – if you try and get away with a bargain, you’ll end up regretting it down the line. For an entry level power supply like a Jeantech or CIT branded 300W model, expect to pay around £15. There is no real upper price limit when it comes to mini ATX power supplies, as depending on your desired wattage, you can often find mini ATX power supply units in excess of £150 especially for the mini form factor.

When you make a decision on which power supply unit to buy for your computer system, whether you’re building a new one or replacing a broken power supply, be sure to remember the golden rule. If you buy a cheaper power supply, chances are it will be of inferior quality when it comes to its power output, and that means it can be damaging to your components. Mini ATX power supplies power everything in your computer and as such, you should be very careful as to which you decide to buy.