Dual ATX Power Supplies

Dual ATX Power Supplies

ATX Power Supplies are used to supply electrical power to a computer or gaming system.  Usually, a computer can be plugged into a normal plug socket.  The ATX power supply will then draw out electricity from the socket and convert this AC current to DC current.  Furthermore, it regulates voltage to reduce spikes and surges that happen regularly in most electrical systems.  Power supplies are rated by the number of watts they are able to generate.  The more powerful the computer is, the more watts it can provide to mechanisms.

What are Dual ATX Power Supplies?

Dual ATX Power Supplies are ATX power supplies that provide negative and positive outputs, as well as zero volts, as required by some electronic equipment. It is a dual ATX power supply because it is in essence two ordinary power supplies connected together to operate as one.

Where to Purchase Dual ATX Power Supplies

If you are thinking of buying dual ATX power supplies, it is advisable to go to a store that specialises in electrical equipment or in building your own computers or gaming systems. Staff at these stores will be able to give you some great information around which dual ATX power supply best fits your needs. This does mean that you have to already know what you are trying to build, as there are varying outputs on dual ATX power supplies.

Some stores that you could go to for further information or to purchase a dual ATX power supply are:

  • Maplin
  • Amazon
  • CCL computers
  • Overclock
  • Tekheads
  • Aria Technology
  • CPC
  • Farnell
  • ILGS
  • Play.com
  • KSN online

Estimated Costs of Dual ATX Power Supplies

Prices of dual ATX power supplies will vary depending on the requirements you have for your machine. You should expect to pay between £20 and £60 for most models on the market.

  • As an example, a CIT 650W Black PSU PSUCIT650UB will cost around £30. This system has dual 12v rails, the newest version (2.2), silent and better ventilation, a 12cm silent fan and the ATX 12v that is compliant with all types of CPUs and mainboards.
  • The iCute Modular ATX Dual VGA Power Supply costs around £40. This system boast a high efficiency CPU, a stylish titanium coloured finish, braided cables to improve airflow in the system, modular cable management design, a large extra quiet fan, accurate voltage adjustment function, a thermal control function, different connectors (four serial ATA connectors, seven peripheral connectors, a floppy connector, and an ATX 4-pin connector).

So, if you are a gaming or computer building enthusiast, you will need a dual ATX power supply. These are reasonably priced components and can be found in a variety of stores. Make sure you receive some sound advice on which particular model best suits not only your budget, but also (mainly) your needs: if you are building your own system, you will need to make sure that it can carry the amount of voltage and wattages you will be feeding into it.