Fanless ATX Power Supplies

Fanless ATX Power Supplies

Desktop computers are notoriously noisy.  Because they are air cooled they need many different fans to keep enough cool air flowing through the systems to keep your computer system components cool enough that they operate optimally.  Because of the amount of processing things like the central processing unit and graphics card do, they generate a fair amount of heat.  Similarly, because the power supply unit is taking a 230V supply and turning it into many smaller supplies that it can distribute throughout the computer system, it too generates heat.

There are many reasons why you might want your computer system to be whisper quiet. If you use a computer in the bedroom or communal area of the house, you don’t want to be kept awake or to bother others by the noise it’s making, or if you use a computer system as a home theatre PC, you don’t want to hear it above the sound of your movie. Fanless ATX power supplies can help with this by providing zero decibels cooling.

What are Fanless ATX Power Supplies?

Fanless ATX Power supplies are designed to do their job as quietly as possible while maintaining the same level of cooling as the fan cooled versions by using very cleverly designed heat sink systems to provide the cooling. Fanless ATX power supplies are designed to do the job of distributing power throughout the computer system to all the different computer components that require very clean, very stable power. Fanless ATX power supplies do the job of outputting these different voltages to different parts consistently to ensure no damage occurs and all the computer components continue to work.

Where to Purchase Fanless ATX Power Supplies

  • Trust Hardware are a primarily online shopping store but also have a shop in Gloucester Street, Cirencester, Gloucester. They have a few fanless ATX power supplies on offer.
  • Memory Express don’t just, as the name suggests, sell memory. They also have a number of fanless ATX power supplies on offer from their shop in London.

Estimated Costs of Fanless ATX Power Supplies

Before you read on, you need to know that fanless ATX power supplies aren’t cheap. They are designed for specific users that need their system to be whisper quiet, and these are often users that need powerful systems. Almost all models of fanless ATX power supplies came in at over £100, like the Silverstone NightJar 450W for £135 or the Seasonic Silent 400W for £149.

When you buy anything for a computer that describes itself as fanless, it is important to keep in mind that the unit traditionally had a fan for a reason. You need to ensure there is adequate passive cooling in the system to replace the use of a fan. Fanless ATX Power supplies are usually very good at doing this as in reality their cooling needs are fairly small, but it is still wise to only use fanless ATX power supplies in systems that aren’t high performance – they are designed for use in home theatre computers and other places that are noise sensitive.