What Is An ATX Power Supply

What Is An ATX Power Supply

What is An ATX Power Supply?

What is An ATX Power Supply? That is the question, many of us will know the answer but then again many will not. All desktop computers need power, a power supply comes in a few different forms and most of the newer computers today will use an ATX power supply to provide that power. Whether it’s a PC used purposely for a bit of word processing or used for surfing the net or even for high powered gaming, without a power supply you will not be able to do any of it.

  • It’s the most widely used form of power supply in today’s desktops.
  • It is a power supply unit that can cost between £15 and £200 in today’s market
  • It is a PSU that has been around since 1995

But which one is for me?

Since day one, computers have needed power, and now on today’s market there are tens of thousands of ATX power supplies available to buy. All come with different power wattage to supply your growing hardware needs. From 100 watt to 1000+ watt, there will always be an ATX power supply big enough for your needs. With many different brands all competing for your money, you will always have a wide choice to take your pick.

Where can you get an ATX power supply?

Of course there are the well known high street outlets here in the UK, but generally they are overpriced. They target the less experienced computer user, hoping you will purchase from them simply because you know no better. Then of course you would need it fitted, at an extra charge from them. Sometimes it’s best to look for your local small business's in the UK, you might be surprised at how much cheaper you can get all that done for.

Then there is the online market, cheaper but you would have to wait for delivery and then have to either fit the ATX power supply yourself, or find someone to do it for you, generally at a cost. If you have the knowledge and confidence to give it a try then go for it, save yourself some money and order it online. Just be careful and take your time.

Advice on choosing and buying an ATX power supply

What is An ATX Power Supply? Why do I need one? What does it do? Where does it go?

If you don’t know the answer to any of those questions then do yourself a favour and find a local business to fit your power supply for you. If you fit the wrong one, or fit it incorrectly you run the risk of seriously harming the rest of your desktop. You can blow the motherboard or any of the other components inside your machine. So why risk the added cost of having to replace even more of your components, but of course if you know your computer stuff....why not?