What Devices Are ATX Power Supplies Needed For

What Devices Are ATX Power Supplies Needed For

What devices are ATX Power Supplies needed for?

When thinking “ What devices are ATX Power Supplies needed for?” the list is dependant on “What kind of PC you run?” It also depends on the peripherals you use. And also on what is inside your pc as well.

The power supply unit is what gives all your circuitry and many of your outside peripherals the power to run, and although the PSU is not one of the more fashionable components of your PC, is certainly got one of the most important jobs. Going about its job, supply all the bullets for the sharpshooters to show off all their magic. So treat it right and don’t give it more to power than it can handle and it will keep your desktop running smoothly.

Inside The Pc

What devices are ATX power supplies needed for? When it comes to the inside of the pc it powers everything. Here is a list,

  • The motherboard
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • CD/DVD Drives
  • Any sound cards, LAN cards, graphics etc.
  • Any pc cooling such as fans

As you can see, anything connected to the circuitry of the mother board is powered by the PSU. Without the power supply, none of this will work, and your pc will not turn on. In fact it’s almost impossible to think of anything inside that doesn’t need the a power supply to run.

Outside Peripherals Of Your PC

Then we come to outside the PC, well again there can be a lot. But many of outside peripherals will come with their own source of power or at least a power cord. Things like printers, scanners and monitors will often come with their own power, unless they are powered through USB which is a cable that can carry power and data from your pc.

Your PC will most defiantly power small devices like a mouse, keyboards, web cams and mics etc., through using USB. Add external hard drives, and speakers to that list and you will realise just how many components are at the mercy of your PSU. And these are just the ones that come to mind, there are many others out there too.

And for sure most monitors are powered by themselves but sometimes they can be powered by your PSU if you have the power going into your monitor from your pc using a male to female power cable.

Overall You Will Need A Decent ATX Power Supply

What devices are ATX power supplies needed for? At least 90% of all your PC's components and peripherals. And remember that the more you add to your pc whether it’s inside or out, will add to the power supplies workload, so make sure you understand the wattage of your PSU and the amount your pc is needing. There are a number of free websites that will help you calculate exactly what you machine is using power wise. So every now and again it would be wise to find one and use it, better to be safe than sorry.