Troubleshooting ATX Power Supplies

Troubleshooting ATX Power Supplies

Troubleshooting ATX Power Supplies is no real different from troubleshooting most power supply units. And to be honest, if the PSU is having problems is probably a hell of a lot better to just by a replacement. Because Troubleshooting ATX Power Supplies is a tricky task for any inexperienced pc users. Troubleshooting ATX Power Supplies is time consuming, can be expensive and very confusing.

How to begin with trouble shooting ATX power supplies

  • Is the power at the wall switched on?
  • Have you tried to swap the power cable for a replacement?, it might just be the cable
  • When the power is connected and on, do you get any response from your computer?
  • Any beeps, lights, is the fan working in the PSU?

If the answer is no to all of these, then it would suggest your power supply is shot. And unless you know what you are doing when testing a power supply, you should really consider replacing the PSU. Otherwise you can cause even more damage to your computer.

Should it be repaired or replaced?

Well when you take into account the time it would take to seriously troubleshoot all of the components of the power supply, then also take into account trying to find replacement components ( which can be extremely frustrating and difficult ) then also the cost. You will discover it is so much easier, and also a lot cheaper to probably just replace the whole thing. Sometimes it’s just better to admit defeat.

But you may still decide you want to ensure that the power supply is really and truly broken. Then find a technician locally or hand it into a shop in the high street so that they can have a look at it for you. There they would also be able to give you the best advice on what’s wrong with your PSU, about what replacement you would need, and also to try and stop the same occurrence with any future power supply unit.

Can someone help me with Troubleshooting ATX Power Supplies ?

Of course there are plenty of local pc technicians or local companies and businesses that could help you. They can be found online easily. It comes down to your personal preference, just try to do it yourself unless you really understand what you are doing.

Where can you get replacements?

As above, any of the major high street brands, or even better a local small computer repair business would be able to help you. Or if you just want to buy a replacement and have it delivered to your door, then going online is your best bet.

Depending on your needs, like power output and brand name, the prices can go from £20 up to almost £200. Just make sure you understand first what you need for your system, if you find a local shop perhaps they can help you with that also. Just explain to them what your sole use for the pc is and they can help you decide which power supply would be best suited for your needs.