Regulated ATX Power Supplies

Regulated ATX Power Supplies

Regulated ATX Power Supplies

Regulated ATX power supplies are needed to ensure that the same value of current runs through the pc at all times, and if any more or any less electricity is recorded the power supply will shut off the pc to protect it from any damage. Too much power running through a PCs component’s can cause real serious and fatal damage. It’s an important element of any power supply today.

How ATX Power Supplies Work

SMPS ( switched-mode power supply ) is another name for Regulated ATX power supplies. They receive an AC input from a mains supply, it’s then rectified to obtain and use a DC voltage. The voltage is switched off and on at a very fast speed by the electronic switching circuits which could then run through a high frequency small inductor or transformer.

The output square waves duty cycle increases as and when the requirements of the power output increases. If a properly insulated frequency transformer is used by the SMPS, then power is electrically isolated from mains supply for safety.

Most SMPS include numerous safety features like crowbar circuit or current limiting to protect the user and the device from any harm. If an abnormally high current draw of power is detected, its assumes it’s a direct short and will shut down before any damage is done. PC PSU's provide a signal called a power good to the motherboard, whose absence always prevents operations when abnormal voltages are present.

Regulated ATX power supplies ( SMPS ), will also a limit on their most minimum output current. They will only perform above that level and cannot below it. Switched-mode power supplies with some protection circuits sometimes turn on but then quickly shut down when zero load has been detected.

What Is The Power Factor Of An ATX?

Over recent years, power factor has been a cause for concern for all computer manufacturers and Regulated ATX power supplies alike. Traditionally SMPS are a source for power line harmonics which generally means they have a poor power factor. But newer modern power supplies will now include a built in power factor correction and will advertise 1.0 power factor.

By slicing sinusoidal AC wave up into very tiny discrete pieces, a portion of the unused and unwanted alternating current always stays in the power line as power spikes that can’t be utilized by any AC motors and the resulting factor is the waste of heating the power line transformers. Some of the SMPS will use the L – C resonance that is in the primary circuit, to convert the square waves into sinusoidal waveforms.

This will decrease what the switching devices lose and can reduce RF harmonics of the frequency of the switching.

Why Are Regulated Power Supplies Important?

Regulated ATX power supplies are an important piece of any computer, they have their flaws as do most things but the technology will always get better. They are designed to protect you and your machine, which is always a good thing. Take care of your Regulated ATX Power Supplies and they will help to take care of you.