Best ATX Power Supplies

Best ATX Power Supplies

What are the Best ATX Power Supplies ? Well that’s a broad question that is suited to all kinds of different peoples needs. Some want the best for price, some want the most quiet, some want the most up to date and high end type, and some want efficiency or the best brands. Then there is the level of power output required, you really don’t need a 1200 watt power supply unit if the total watt usage of your computer build is only 200 watts.

Things to consider about your needs

  • How much do you want to pay?
  • Do you require a PSU as quiet as possible?
  • How many watts does your system need?
  • Would you rather pay a bit more for a more trusted and recognized brand?

Only once you ask yourself those questions, and then answer them, will you know where to start when wanting to know the Best ATX Power Supplies for you. So take a little time out, have a good think, do a little research before you jump straight in and buy the wrong one. There are so many variants that you really need to be sure which one will do the best possible job for you.

Where can I get the Best ATX Power Supplies ?

This depends on your experience with building desktop computers, if you have none then it would be best to see a local company who can fit your power supply for you, or find a friend who has the skills necessary, of course you still need to buy the PSU. So you have choices, a high street store, a small local business or the internet. The latter would require you to wait for it to be delivered, but online is where you find the cheapest prices.

What do you use your computer for?

Do you want a power supply for a media centre pc, a gaming pc or just general web surfing and social networking. All of these things will have an affect on what supply you decide on, media centres would usually desire a much quieter PSU, with average power output. Gaming computers will require more power due to graphics cards and other peripherals. Whereas general use computers will normally just require a minimal power output supply, there are many online sites that allow you to figure out how much power output your computer will need, so check them out.

So to summarize on the Best ATX Power Supplies

There is no true answer on which one is the best or worst, the only answer is which one is best for you. Think about all that has been written here, what you need, what you want. Think about how much you want to pay, where you want to get it from and how you will go about having it fitted. Then you will truly have a lot more of an idea on what are the Best ATX Power Supplies for you.