Tagan ATX Power Supplies

Tagan ATX Power Supplies

Tagan, is a German company that is well known around Europe, but perhaps not as well known here in the UK. They specifically develop PSUs for the enthusiastic pc builders in this world, the PSU is not the most glamorous of hardware but it is certainly one of the most important. They are like the Roy Keanes or Michael Essiens of this world, quietly supplying the power in the middle of the field for all the other fancy players in the team to show off their tricks.

How was Tagan formed?

A group of friends from a selection of different nationalities, got to talking over dinner one day about PSUs and how they have all had their own problems with past units. They then formed the company Tagan and started to make power supplies that would try to exceed customer’s expectations. The products have been well received both in the commercial and private markets. With a lot of invest being made they also have plans to move into other areas of the computer industry.

Are their ATX power supplies any good to use?

Tagan ATX power supplies are certainly up there with the best, some of the most efficient, quiet and most defiantly some of the most eye pleasing power supply units around. The build quality on their products is always of a very high standard and they obviously put a lot of thought into every one of their Tagan Atx Power Supplies. They are not afraid to try something new in their pursuit of perfection. As a relatively new company they want to build a strong reputation for quality and value for money.

  • Quiet
  • Efficient
  • High Quality Build
  • Attractive
  • And Very Well Thought Out

Are these power supply units affordable to buy?

Like all brands out there, price will vary between products. They are not the cheapest units, but Tagan ATX power supplies have the quality to justify their price tag, you don’t mind paying for class. Of course they have lower priced models too, so something for everyone.

Where is the best place to buy a Tagan ATX power supply?

Well first you need to find where to purchase one of the Tagan ATX power supplies that you are after. You could try going direct to the Tagan website, or perhaps to one of the more recognised high street retailers that specialize in computer hardware. Or go to your local small dealer/technician who might be able to get his hands ( or already have his hands ) on one for you. But possibly the easiest way to get the most information on price, reviews and anything else you need to know about your proffered unit is to go online, use the browser and search engine of your choice, and just research it.

To wrap all this up, you could defiantly buy worse than Tagan ATX power supplies. The ambition of these guys has to make you sit up and think. They care about the PSU with a passion, which is no bad thing when considering buying anything in today’s world.