Purchasing Shuttle ATX Power Supplies

Purchasing Shuttle ATX Power Supplies

Fortunately, unlike some computers that have power supplies that are difficult to find, Shuttle ATX power supplies are not as hard to locate. Additionally, another issue many have when looking for power supplies is discovering that the power supply is used or refurbished.

Fortunately, it’s possible to get a brand new Shuttle ATX power supply, but there may be an issue of availability. Consumers may actually find a Shuttle power supply but later discover that it’s sold out and they have to wait for a company to reorder their particular supply.

Generally, it should be easier to find a Shuttle ATX power supply that has about 240 watts; however, consumers that want a high end power supply with maximum output can get something with better wattage. For example, there is a Shuttle XP accessory that has output wattage of 500 watts. This number of watts is suitable for a number of cases.

Popular Versions of the Shuttle Power Supply

When looking for a Shuttle ATX power supply individuals should try and found out what specific brand of or type of power supply that they actually need. Two of the most popular power supplies are the PC version and the XPC version.

  • The XPC version is particularly popular.
  • The Shuttle ATX power supplies are typically hard to find, but not impossible to locate.
  • One of the most common is the 240-watt version of the Shuttle.

Shuttle ATX Power Supply Problems

Typically, people shouldn’t run into any problems when purchasing a Shuttle power supply, however, problems do occur. One of the most common problems comes with the pin connector. In some cases, there is a discrepancy between the number of pins that the power supply has and what the board actually has.

Some connectors are 20 pin ATX and others are 4 pin ATX. It’s essential that a person determine how many pin connectors they need so they don’t run into a problem later. However, if pin connectors are an issue a person can always get a P4 connector to ensure stability.

Paying for a Shuttle Power Supply

Of course the price of a Shuttle power supply is contingent on a lot of different factors.

  • One of the most prominent factors that affects price is the type of computer system that the supply will run on.
  • Additionally, factors such as the amount of power that a person wants to use will also affect price.
  • Typically, consumers can expect to spend around 60 pounds for their power supply.

Modern Power Supplies

Because there are more Shuttle ATX power supplies available as opposed to some of the other power supplies it’s possible for individuals to find power supplies that are a bit more up-to-date and modernized. There are even some supply systems that offer energy efficiency. These devices are usually energy star compliant.

To determine if a power supply actually is energy efficient individuals should look for certification on the power supply’s box. Low energy consumption power supplies not only use less power, but they lower energy costs, and although the costs may not be substantial every little bit counts.