Ocz ATX Power Supplies

Ocz ATX Power Supplies

Being a fairly new entry into the world of computers, in the space of coming up to 10 years, OCZ has moved at a dramatic speed to bring the highest quality products to the forefront of PC building. Mostly known for their expertise in PC memory, they have since widened their field to accompany many other hardware aspects. So with OCZ ATX power supplies you know you will be getting the same drive and desire to be the best in the field.

Who are OCZ and what power supplies do they offer?

Having only been founded in 2002, they began in the memory market targeting over clocking enthusiasts who wanted the best possible memory to serve their purpose. But it wasn’t just memory they had the desire to concentrate on, and within 5 years power management soon became a major focus of theirs. Receiving top accolades and awards for their OCZ ATX power supplies.

Having been top of the tree in making some of the fastest memory around, they pined to have the 1st 1 kilowatt power supply, which of course they achieved. They have always stated they wanted to be a company purely for enthusiasts of custom PC building. Here’s a few of their accomplishments.

  • First to make dual channelled memory kits
  • First to make Intel Extreme DDR3 memory for x38/48 chip sets
  • Continually surpassing speed barriers
  • First Processor cooler
  • First ever heat alarm

All within 10 years OCZ have grown to bring high quality power supplies

All of that within such a small time span just shows the true dedication and drive of this company, to deliver the best it can at all times. So don’t expect OCZ ATX power supplies to be any different. They bring the highest quality computer components at an affordable price.

Where can you buy ATX power supplies?

Any local pc supply shop or main street retail outlet that deals with computers will stock OCZ ATX power supplies. Alternatively you can price compare online and find the best deal for you there. Let’s not mess about here, you won’t get much better than OCZ ATX power supplies, so wherever you do decide to purchase, you will not be disappointed.

Are they easy to fit?

If you have none or little experience in building desktop pcs It would be of strong advice against trying to fit it yourself, but most people who look at OCZ generally know what they are doing. If you do require help, then search online for a professional PC technician who can advise or perhaps do it for you.

So many things can go wrong if you don’t understand exactly what you are doing, and you can end up doing more damage than good. You don’t want to damage your new PSU or any of the other components inside your PC, or even yourself while trying to fit something you have little knowledge about. So get someone who knows their stuff and you will be fine.