Mushkin ATX Power Supplies

Mushkin ATX Power Supplies: Clean and Reliable

Mushkin power supplies are famous for offering clean and reliable power. The company has been building power supply systems that offer a high quality of power flow while simultaneously helping an individual maintain the integrity of their computer system. Mushkin not only focuses on power when creating power supplies but also focuses on efficiency.

In addition to power supplies, Mushkin offers other products as well. The company offers digital storage devices and a broad selection of memory upgrades. Mushkin specialized in memory upgrades for servers, desktops, notebooks and other types of computers. Although the company offers a variety of products it is best known for producing memory modules. It was founded in 1994 and has been in the computer parts business since that time.

Mushkin Volta Series Power Supply

Mushin offers two specific brands of power supplies for users. One brand is called the Volta Series and the other brand is referred to as the Joule Series.

  • The Mushkin Volta Series offers a good price to performance ratio and the power supplies in the Volta series is compatible with ATX standards. It’s also compatible with EPS, BTX, and ATX12V standards.

Mushkin Joule Series

  • The Joule Series, while less affordable focuses more on the amount of power it can deliver.
  • The Joule is a powerful power supply that is especially popular among those with high-powered computers.
  • The power supplies that Mushkin sells also come equipped with power cables as well.

Why Are Mushkin ATX Power Supplies Popular?

On the Mushkin website the president of the company explains that Mushkin maintains its popularity by finding and using the best components possible for computer systems. This guarantees that customers are given high-caliber products that they can trust will deliver the standards necessary to keep their computer systems in optimal shape.

Mushkin is famous for having unique, high performing high quality power supplies. The power supplies that the company offers are often custom designed to supply power to the most demanding systems. For this reason, a lot of top companies use Mushkin for power supply and other needs. Some of the most prominent companies that have used Mushkin include NASA, Apple Computer and Rockstar Games.

Mushkin’s Community

In addition to selling power supplies and other computer components Mushkin has been able to maintain its high standing in the computer parts community by creating community through its company.

The company website features a variety of resources that allow customers to connect with each other. For example, Mushkin offers forums where users can share technical expertise and discuss any technical or mechanical issues that they are having with their power supply. Mushkin also has an array of technical articles for those not helped by the forums.

Mushkin ATX Power Supply Guarantee

One appealing aspect of purchasing power supplies from Mushkin is that the company offers a guarantee on many of their products. One way that the company ensures that their products will stand the test of time is by offering a limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, replacement services are also available for products that are not properly working.