Liteon ATX Power Supplies

Liteon ATX Power Supplies

A company with nearly 40 years of experience behind them. They began buy developing LED's in 1975 before moving on to concentrate on power supplies. Not only PSU’s too, monitors, keyboards, dvd and cd drives to name but a few. Their power supplies are one of their most notable products, and one of the main specialities of their electronics firm.

Are they made of good quality?

Liteon ATX power supplies have never really set the world alight, but they do what they say on the tin. They are generally built for OEM suppliers only ( meaning Liteon build it, and the OEM company puts their own name on it and sell it). But they do sometimes sell their own products, and to be honest they aren’t too bad. You get what you pay for and for a good solid unit Liteon ATX power supplies do a more than decent enough job.

Are Liteon worth the money?

Yes probably, they are at the cheaper end of the scale when it comes to power supply units but at least with a company with so much of a history, you know you can have that little bit more faith with what they do. Also they supply other name brands with their own products which means that they are being trusted by other corporations to give their own brands a good reputation. So for all round value and knowledge of what they have been doing for so many years, defiantly worth a punt.

How do you go about buying one of their ATX power supplies?

These might be harder to get in your usual high street providers than most power supplies, not generally purchased by the home PC builder with other more specialized products on the market, but have a look around and you might find one in more localized small vendor.

With the rise of internet shopping constantly growing, there isn’t much you can’t get these days from the internet if you look hard enough.

Once you do get it home via those legs or somebody else’s, you would need to have it fitted unless you have the skills to fit it yourself. If you don’t, there is always somebody that does, be it a friend or a pc technician. It’s strongly advisable not to try it yourself unless you really do understand the inner workings of a desktop PC. The damage that can be caused to your system or yourself can be truly un-repairable.

Liteon Atx Power Supplies are general no frills PSU's, so pose no more of a difficult job to an knowledgeable engineer to fit them. And will most likely do the job you paid for them to do, power your system and keep it running for some good few years. So if you are still interested in Liteon ATX power supplies you know what you must do.

  • Decide on the product you desire
  • Decide on where to buy it
  • Decide on how to have it fitted

And you can bet that the LED's ( if any involved in the build ) will be of the highest quality.