Info On Thermalright Xp Power Supplies

Info On Thermalright Xp Power Supplies

Thermalright XP power supplies begin to make a name for itself in the computer world when it became involved in offering cooling solutions for the AMD Thunderbird CPU. The company also offers cooling solutions for Intel as well. The company touts itself as being one of the only computer component supply companies that focuses on keeping computer components consistently at the right temperature. 

It isn’t unusual for a computer power supply to die or become badly damaged due to overheating. Thermalright creates power supply systems that are specifically built to prevent overheating. The computer systems are ventilated in a way that prevents overheating and keeps individuals from having to worry about whether or not their power supply will burn out again and have to eventually be replaced.

The products that Thermalright creates work to increase a computer’s life expectancy as well as provide the computer with increased stability. Consumers also receive the added benefit of a computer that runs faster because high doses of heat are not preventing the machine from running at optimal capacity.

In addition to cooling components, Thermalright also offers a variety of accessories. Some of the most popular accessories offered through the company include a retention module, bolt-thru mounting kit, heat sink fan clips, ram sink, and a metal back plate.

Thermalright Use and Price

Although Thermalright power supplies can be used with a variety of computers, it is particular popular among Dell users. Those with a Dell Inspirion find that the Thermalright products are a practical way to upgrade a Dell system without overspending on a power supply.

  • One of the most popular Thermalright ATX power supplies is the Thermalright 500 watt power supply.
  • Typically, consumers can expect to spend about 30 pounds for the Thermalright 500 Watt power supply.

Thermalright XP Power Supplies Features

Thermalright creates a variety of computer components that have unique features.

  • One of the most prominent features of Thermalright XP power supplies is the nickel plating used on the product.
  • In addition to using nickel in its products, Thermalright also uses high quality copper because of its ability to consistently and adequately absorb and transfer heat.
  • Additionally, most manufacturers do not solder joints on every point of their computer components, but Thermalright insists on soldering every point and every joint of contact.
  • Thermalright is also popular for creating unique design elements that not only differentiates itself in the way it designs its computer parts, but also in how the parts work.

Where to Buy A ThermalRright Power Supply

Unlike other power supply manufacturers, Thermalright products can only be bought directly from the company or through an authorized reseller. Although it’s possible to buy a Thermalright power supply from an authorized reseller there is one downside to doing so. Those who buy from unauthorized resellers do not receive the sales support potentially needed.

Only consumers that buy directly from the company or through their resellers are entitled to sales support. This can be especially helpful for individuals that are not technically savvy and need help with the installation process. It’s also helpful for people that simply have technical questions.