Finding Sony ATX Power Supplies

Finding Sony ATX Power Supplies

As computers get smaller, thinner and lighter, more computer companies (such as Sony) are using smaller Sony ATX power supplies to save space and compete with other companies. One particular company that is using smaller, customized power supplies for its computers is Sony. Although small power supplies helps Sony compete with other computer companies, it can cause a hassle for consumers looking for Sony ATX power supplies.

In most cases buying a Sony ATX power supply is not as easy as simply going to a local electronics or computer store that carries power supplies. Often, electronic stores only carry a small range of power supplies. Consumers often find that they are out of luck when looking for the correct supply to meet their needs.

Sony Power Supplies are Smaller Than Ever

  • Sony ATX power supplies are particularly challenging to find because a lot of Sony computers have a power supply that is smaller than the usual power supplies.
  • Most people with Sony computers find it challenging to find a Sony ATX power supply that will actually work with their case, and this is often an issue whether or not the Sony computer is a desktop or laptop.

Where to Get Sony ATX Power Supplies

When this is the case, the best way to get a Sony ATX power supply is to go online and find one. Of course, the best online places to look for power supplies that will specifically fit a Sony computer are online supply stores that specialize in Sony ATX power supplies. The more specialized a shop is - the more likely Sony users will find the power supply they are looking for.

Unfortunately, Sony is one company that makes it difficult for customers to upgrade their Sony power supply. Many customers looking for Sony power supplies end up doing extensive research on the web and other places to find a power supply that fits their computer model.

In some cases, consumers may come up with no valid results.

A Self-Upgrade of Sony’s Power Supply

  • Those who are technically and computer savvy can take matters into their own hands.
  • Those who have expertise and understand how to configure a power supply so that it’s compatible with their computer can simply go into their own computer case and upgrade the power supply on their own.
  • Most people are finding that it’s not possible or at least almost impossible to upgrade the power supply on their Sony system because of the custom design.
  • Those with technical savvy can modify their case.

Of course, if that doesn’t work there are other options as well. Individuals who need to make an upgrade because of graphics issues could try altering their video card on their Sony and see if this works for them.

Contacting Sony Directly

Individuals unable to find the power supply that they are searching for can always contact Sony directly via email or through customer service and find out if the company can personally supply their needs. Contacting the company directly is a valid last-resort option.