Delta ATX Power Supplies

Delta ATX Power Supplies

Delta ATX Power Supplies

Delta ATX power supplies are found in thousands upon thousands of home computers around the world. Built mainly for the OEM market, they are one of the biggest manufacturers of power supply units in the world. Like many of the electronic giants in this world today, they are based all over Asia, and with nearly 40 years in the industry they have certainly made their mark.

Not aimed so much towards the custom builder and are generally low end products, target base is at the lower end of branded home computers and office desktops. They perform well for the price and are easily replaceable products if needed. Offering good bang for your buck if you want to supply your office or school.

What vendors supply Delta ATX power units

Before thinking of replacing any hardware in your pc I would check the warranty of the machine you bought, you may be able to get the PSU replaced by them at no cost to yourself. So if it is a home, work or even school computer give them a call. If unable to have it replaced then you have to think about doing it yourself.

Not the sort of power supply you are most likely to find in your PC specialist store in town, they are more likely to stock the more well known brands among consumers of hardware. But you never know unless you take a look around. Perhaps try some smaller local outlets, or some local PC engineers.

Delta ATX power supplies are most probably easier to be replaced by going directly to Delta's website or by searching online to find exactly what you want. Make absolute sure you know which one you need, don’t fall short on the power required to juice your machine. Another mistake is to buy hardware that is incompatible to your system, so do double check.

Delta ATX installation information

When having to fit Delta ATX power supplies please make sure you know how to do it properly or pay somebody else to do it. You can do tons more damage to your desktop if it’s done wrong, so the cost of paying someone a few quid to do it is more than reasonable. It’s not too hard to find someone in any area of the UK to do a small job like this, again if you need to, search online.

  • Use utmost precautions when fitting any components in your machine
  • If you don’t know how, don’t do it
  • Use proper lighting
  • Ensure all power and peripherals are unplugged
  • If unsure then hire a pc technician

How much can you buy one of their ATX power supplies for?

Depending on vendor, whether it’s from online or offline and if it’s new or used will all make differences in the price you pay. But altogether I doubt you will pay any more than £40 for any of the Delta ATX power supplies available for computers. For the cost it should last a good couple of years at least, if treated right anyway.