Bench ATX Power Supplies Dangers And Benefits

Bench ATX Power Supplies Dangers And Benefits

Bench ATX power supplies are often used by individuals who are running projects that need large amounts of power. Bench ATX power supplies are incredibly popular among individuals that want to create and customize their own power supply to meet their electronic needs. A Bench ATX power supply offers flexibility and can come in a range of voltages. However, there is one downside to using a bench power supply – it can be expensive.

Bench power supplies are great for producing energy but they can also pose some dangers. When using a Bench ATX power supply there are certain things that individuals should consider.

Bench ATX Power Supplies and Dangerous Charges

Individuals must realize that large Bench ATX power supplies have the power to store a dangerous charge for a long duration of time. It’s smart to allow an external power supply to discharge, and it should be unplugged from the wall. It’s smart to allow the power supply to sit unconnected for a few days to fully discharge.

  • Some people would even recommend attaching a 10 OHM resistor between the red and black wire, but this may only drain the lower voltage, so there is speculation on whether or not it actually helps.
  • Another consideration that users should be looking for when deciding on a power supply is what type of switch the power supply has.
  • Typically, the more modernized the supply is the less likely it is to have an ON and OFF switch.
  • Contemporary ATX power supplies have a soft power switch, and some ATX supplies have a built in switch, which is referred to a rocker switch.

Benefits of Bench Power Supplies

There are numerous benefits to Bench ATX power supplies and the most prominent is the flexibility.

  • A relatively good bench power supply should be adjustable from 0 to 30 volts. Another benefit of Bench power supplies is hat they are incredibly powerful.
  • Another reason that Bench ATX power supplies are popular is because of the various features that the supplies have.
  • For example, bench power supplies have an over-current protection feature. This means that if too much power is suddenly drawn the power supply will simply turn itself off as opposed to overheating and becoming damaged. This is especially helpful for individuals that are unsure if they are using the correct voltage for their electronics.
  • Another prominent and beneficial feature of a Bench ATX power supplies is the short-circuit protection.

Fortunately, many ATX power supplies are incredibly smart in that they can monitor themselves. The amount of energy that comes through an electrical outlet has a tendency to be fickle, so finding a power supply that can remain stable despite energy surges and decreases is incredibly important.

Mitigating Power Supply Dangers

It’s important to be careful with any electrical system, as there is always potential for a person to get hurt; however, knowing the risks involved is always helpful. Explosions, fires, and other accidents don’t have to occur if a person understands how to mitigate their risks when working with a power supply. They key is to simply be careful. It’s possible for an individual to suffer an injury from a power supply and individuals should be careful how they handle their power supply.