Agilent ATX Power Supplies

Agilent ATX Power Supplies

Agilent, which is also referred to as Agilent technologies is a popular power supply and electronic load company that provides a variety of Agilent ATX power supplies and other accessories. The company provides DC power supplies, DC electronic loads, and AC power sources.

Agilent gains its customers by creating power supply devices that offer reliability. Because electronic outlets have a tendency to be fickle, it’s important that consumers have power supplies that are dependable and stable.

Benefits of Agilent Power Supplies

One particular benefit of Agilent ATX power supplies is that many of the power supplies that the company sells are bench-friendly. This means that the basic power supplies that Agilent offers are ideal for bench top applications. This dual application allows consumers the luxury of purchasing a more affordable ATX power supply that can easily be converted to a powerful lab power supply.

Bench power supplies are often used by people who need phenomenal lab power at their fingertips. In many cases, people use an ATX power supply from a discarded computer to create a lab power supply that will meet their needs. Agilent ATX power supplies can easily be converted for bench or lab capabilities.

Bench, Power Ranges, and Outputs

Buying from Agilent also gives consumers the ability to match a range of power requirements. The company offers power supplies that can meet single, dual or triple outputs. Additionally, Agilent also offers power supply products that have excellent regulation and low noise, which is ideal for people that have to work in quieter environments.

When looking for a power supply individuals may want something that has a low noise level. Some of the better power supplies have a noise level of around 30 decibels, which is actually pretty good. Lower decibel power supplies are ideal for environments that are noise sensitive. Typical environments where a low noise supply would work include libraries or corporate offices where higher decibel power supplies would disturb others.

Agilent Prices

Agilent ATX power supplies range in price and consumers interested in purchasing a supply can get a quote directly from the company. Of course, the costs of the power supply would be contingent on many factors.

  • The amount of power that the person needs is the most pressing factor in determining costs.
  • Although as a company Agilent offers power supplies and other computer components that provide a unique service to customers many consumers of power supplies may struggle with the typical costs of a power supply from Agilent.
  • Companies like Newegg charge a small portion compared to prices at Agilent, yet for a smaller amount consumers may be able to more power for less money.
  • The difference in price between Agilent and competitors can be contributed to the outputs provided by the company.
  • ATX power supplies typically provide a person with fixed outputs. This means that there isn’t much flexibility when it comes to determining how much power the person consumers.
  • Agilent, on the other hand, provides power supplies that allow a person to make adjustments so that they can get an accurate voltage to meet their specific need.