Acer ATX Power Supplies

Acer ATX Power Supplies

Acer may well be more known for their laptops here in the UK, but they also have their hands on most other necessary computer components. Acer ATX power supplies are one of these such products. Whether you are looking to replace the power supply in your very own Acer desktop PC or another branded PC or even a custom built model, with Acer you will certainly get value for money.

A little history about Acer

Acer is a corporation of electronics and information technology with their headquarters based in Taiwan. They produce laptop and desktop pcs, PDA's, storage devices, smart phones, display monitors, servers and various other PC peripherals. Lets be honest, there is not too many pies that Acer doesn’t have its fingers in.

Formally known as Multitech, founded in 1976, it began life purely as a distributor of electronics. In little over 10 years the company had progressed into a PC manufacturer and renamed itself Acer in 1987. Just 8 years after that was rated as the 9th biggest computer manufacturer ahead of more established names like Toshiba, Dell and even Hewlett-Packard.

By 2003 it was the 5th largest manufacturer of PCs, and by 2009 it had moved up to be the second largest. It now owns a controlling stake in Hewlett-Packard among other companies. So if you want a brand name then you can’t get much bigger.

Bang for Buck

So you want Acer ATX power supplies, well Acer as large a corporation as they are, certainly give good value. Never the ones to be overpriced, you know what you are getting. When you look at other brands for power supplies you might be surprised at their larger prices, but are they really any better? For the money I doubt it.

Power supplies can cost up to £200 these days depending on what specs you desire, but you know whatever the cost with Acer, they are a huge brand. A massive worldwide corporation who know what they are talking about. If you need a PSU you can bet they will deliver.

Buying an ATX Power Supply Online or Offline

So where to get the Acer ATX Power Supplies you are looking for, you could always go direct to Acer online. Or many retailers either online or offline will hold their products so its best to have a little look around, to make sure you get the price and product you require. Of course online you have to wait a little time for it to be delivered but that’s no bad thing if you want a better price.


  • Great Value
  • Good Performance
  • Huge reputation
  • Global Following

Acer ATX power supplies will do more than what you need, with a name you can trust. Also they are at a value you can recognise and be happy with. Because the way they are moving, it wont be long until they are recognised as the number 1 computer manufacturer in the world. Acer ATX Power Supplies will not let you down.