Where Is My ATX Power Supplies

Where Is My ATX Power Supplies

The “Advanced Technology eXtended” or ATX motherboard form factor has truly improved the way our computer designs, particularly the CPU, looks.  Gone are the days when the bulky and complicated AT form factors were “in” in the scene.  With ATX, the connector interfaces of the motherboard, power supply, and computer case are more manageable.  The interchangeability of parts was also drastically improved, making average users be capable of “do-it-yourself” stunts with their computer models.

However, the improvements brought about by the ATX that were mentioned earlier were not the only things that changed. The change brought about by Intel when they designed the ATX in 1996 also led to the standardization of most computer parts, making “computer technician” work manageable even by self-fix computer enthusiasts. If you are looking at this article to learn a thing or two about how to tinker with your computer peripherals, then you’ve come to read the right article. This article is all about the ATX and to help you answer, “Where is my ATX power supplies?” If you are trying to assemble a PC by yourself or would like to try your hand at computer maintenance or repair, reading this article will help you determine where is my ATX power supplies and what it looks like.

What do my ATX Power Supplies Look Like?

Most power supplies of computers look like square metal boxes with one end filled with large wire bundles. The other end of the wire bundles is the backend of the power supply. You will also find an air vent and a connector (usually IEC 60320 C14) which will supply the AC Power. Models vary by having either a voltage selector switch or power switch. To help you handle your ATX power supply with care, there is always a label on one side which lists certain technical information with regards to proper handling of that particular computer peripheral. Some power supply models feature a RoHS or an 80 PLUS, depending on the brand of the power supply. The standard dimensions of an ATX power supply are 86mm height, 140mm depth, and 150mm width, with its depth varying according to the brand.

How to Know Where is my ATX Power Supplies?

It is very easy to find where your ATX Power Supply is. You just have to follow the cord that connects your CPU to the AC supply. Always remember that the metal box filled with wire called the “power supply” is accompanied by an exhaust fan. The exhaust fan can be side from the side or at the back of the CPU, depending on your PC’s model.

What if I Can’t Find Where is my ATX Power Supplies?

If you are still having difficulty in finding where is my ATX power supplies, the next thing you should do is to take out the side cover of your CPU for a closer look. Find the metal box whose cables are connected to the AC plug at the back of the CPU. The power supply usually has a label on its side, so it would be a lot easier to find when you have a bigger view of your CPU’s interior. If you are still running out of luck, better visit your computer technician and let him/her do the maintenance for you.