Do I Need To Replace ATX Power Supplies

Do I Need To Replace ATX Power Supplies

ATX, or Advanced Technology eXtended, is used by many computer and gaming enthusiasts to build their own machines.  Replacing an ATX power supply can be necessary for a variety of reasons.  The most common one is if you need a one that has a larger wattage.  Also, unfortunately, as with any electrical machine, sometimes it will break and will need replacing.  If you are wondering “do I need to replace ATX power supplies” read on.

How to Diagnose and Repair an ATX Power Supply

The first step when you are wondering “do I need to replace ATX power supplies” is, of course, to familiarise yourself with electronic discharge procedures. You are working with a machine that works on high voltage and it is therefore necessary that you understand procedures to make sure you have proper grounding in place.

Following this, you can test the power supply. Generally, if you press the on and off switch and nothing happens (after you have made sure it is plugged in), the power supply will be broken. It is possible that the on off switch is broken, but it is more likely that the fault lies with the power supply. Sometimes in case of a broken power supply, your machine will emit quick and short beeps. You can purchase power supply testers from a variety of shops.

Steps to Replace the ATX Power Supply

Once you are satisfied that the power supply is broken, you need to start by disconnect the full machine. This includes things such as a mouse, key board and speakers.

You can then remove the case cover (don’t lose the screws!) and identify the ATX power supply unit. Disconnect all the connectors that run from the power supply to the devices inside your personal computer or gaming system (again, make sure you follow proper electrical discharge procedures). An ATX power supply will have mounting screws that you should be able to undo with a screwdriver (again, don’t lose the screws). You can then gently remove the power supply. If necessary, you can remove some of the other components to facilitate access to the ATX power supply.

Purchasing a New ATX Power Supply

If the answer to ‘Do I need to replace ATX power supplies’ was positive you will need to purchase a new supply. Once you have been able to remove the ATX power supply, you will need to replace it with a different one. If you are very electronically minded, you could potentially repair your ATX power supply, or take it to an electronic repairs shop.

If it is completely broken, it will be time to look for a new one. You could replace it like for like, or you could decide to upgrade your model if you are thinking of expanding on your system as long as you need a new ATX power supply. If this is the case, make sure you have researched the ATX power supply that best suits your needs of course.

Fitting a New ATX Power Supply

Once you have purchased your new power supply, you will be able to place it back into your machine following the steps above, only reversed. Once you have hooked all your components and extras (keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc…) back up, your computer or gaming system should once again work fine. If not, it is likely that your ATX power supply has burnt out your motherboard.