Can I Upgrade My ATX Power Supply

Can I Upgrade My ATX Power Supply

Many people now choose to build their own personal computers or gaming systems and an ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) is an essential component in this.  ATX power supplies come in a variety of wattages.  This means the higher the wattage the more electrical components they can take.  Many people who are wondering ‘can I upgrade my ATX power supply’ will choose to upgrade their ATX power supply by going from 430W to 650W for example.

Why Upgrade an ATX Power Supply?

Machines and electrical components are upgraded all the time and often they require a higher level of wattage to be able to run. Graphic cards in particular require quite high wattages and newer graphic cards will not be able to run on an older ATX Power Supply.

What to Look For when Upgrading your ATX Power Supply?

If you are thinking ‘can I upgrade my ATX power supply; the first thing to make sure is that your upgraded ATX power supply physically fits in your computer case. ATX power supplies with higher wattages can be bigger in size and you need to make sure that you have enough space. One thing to really look out for as well is that there are ATX power supplies and Micro ATX power supplies. These are not interchangeable, again because of size.

The main advice that is given to people wondering ‘can I upgrade my ATX power supply’ is that more is better. Try not to only get the minimum power supply, as this would mean that you are running at full capacity. Also, there is nothing wrong with having more outputs than you need. If you are upgrading, you will be familiar with the amount of additional components you may add over time. If you ATX power supply has more outputs than you require, this simply means they are left as spares for a later time. Also remember that a higher rated power supply will run cooler, will last longer and will leave you plenty of space for other upgrades.

Where to Purchase ATX Power Supply Upgrades From

An ATX power supply upgrade can be purchased from most electrical goods stores such as Currys, PC World, Maplin etc… They can also be found from a variety of electrical stores online. It is important, however, to seek some advice on which ATX power supply best suits your needs. Store employees in electrical goods stores will be able to give you some hints and tips and will be able to listen to your needs and guide you in the right direction. ATX Power Supplies are not tremendously expensive anymore. In fact, it will cost you less to replace a power supply with an upgrade than to try and repair your existing and out-dated model.

What Else to Think About

If you are going to replace your ATX power supply for an upgrade, it is advisable to run some electrical tests to make sure all your other components, in particular the fan and the motherboard, still work well. If not, it might be time to upgrade those as well.

So, if you have had your ATX power supply for a while and are thinking ‘can I upgrade my ATX power supply’, it may be time for an upgrade. So long as you have the physical room in your personal computer or gaming systems case, this should not be a problem, nor does it have to cost you the world. Just ensure you go for the right specifications and remember that in the world of computers, more is generally better.