ATX Power Supplies Circuits

ATX Power Supplies Circuits

ATX power supplies circuits are released with new updated versions frequently and there are so many on the market today used in power supply units found in desktop PC’s. Nearly all the components of a PC use some kind of circuitry to power themselves or transmit data. Even with a PSU there are circuit boards to ensure all the mini components that make up the PSU, function and this can amount down to something as simple as the power buttons on/off light or PSU alarm.

The PSU powers a desktop PC supplying the interior hardware components. It is actually the heaviest part of the machine and can be identified easily. Where the power cable that is connected to the electricity source connects to the PC is basically where the PSU resides. ATX power supplies circuits make up part of the unit.

What is a circuit board?

A circuit is a board usually with soldered connections that produce pulsed energy for function. This provides a closed circle where electrons pass through inside. Circuits are powered by an energy source such as a battery to produce the circuit’s electron currents and this circle must be complete to ensure energy will move around the board. Within the circuit there is an object that will use the energy produced by the circuit boards circuitry design.

ATX power supplies circuits found in the PSU

ATX power supplies circuits depend on the specific function you require of your PSU. Below is a small list with only a few examples of the functionalities that come with present day PSU technology:

  • Fuse Blown Indicator
  • Alarm PSU
  • Variable power supply
  • 200W ATX power supply

One of the ATX power supplies circuits hosts the fuse for the PSU

The fuse circuit board is one of the only parts of the PSU that can be modified easily. This is simply a circuit board where the fuse can found. Rather than purchasing a replacement PSU some people prefer to just change the fuse themselves. The fuse can either be detached or soldered back on, unscrewed, or in some designs there is a clip making it easy to unclip the old fuse and clip in a new one.

An example of a connection between ATX power supplies circuits

When power comes into the machine it needs controlling and passing through and circuits assist in this initial process. One example is how the electric energy is controlled when the desktop is powered on.

You switch on the machine and the power voltage line filters into a circuit that is the input filter. There is a transformation of voltage to 115v from 230v. This is the connection between the rectifier and this allows the rectifier to perform as a double up. As you can see straight from the beginning circuits begin to play their part.

An ATX power supplies circuits play an important role in the buildup of the overall PSU unit from the fuse circuitry to assisting other components to perform a role in the overall supply of electricity to supply power around desktop PCs.